The National Service Scheme, having been introduced into the Higher Education realm in 1969-70 – Mahatma Gandhi’s birth centenary year – was the culmination of a long-drawn discussion by popular national leaders and educationalists on the theme of making education more realistic and community-oriented.The Scheme was originally envisaged for implementation at the undergraduate level and was launched through 38 Universities on a pilot project basis.

The programme focuses on inspiring and inculcating the spirit of service-mindedness and social responsibility in students.  The NSS volunteers strive to ensure that the needy get assistance to enhance their living standards and thus lead a life of dignity. During natural or man-made disasters, they provide first aid, food, clothing and shelter to the victims.

Our college has one active NSS unit(Unit No.239) with 100 students. MGMCEP NSS Unit has been undertaking a wide variety of support programmes. These include youth day

Celebration, orientation on rudhirasena, national girl, child day, republic day, celebration, nrpf orientation program.


Mr.Devadas P.-Program Officer